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  • MMB removes TOM AND THE COYOTE of the Factory Theatre. Read his 2 letters in Actualités.

    letter 1

    Montreal, August 8, 2012

    Mr. Ron Struys
    President, Board of Directors
    Factory Theatre
    Toronto (Ont.)

    As the author of TOM AND THE COYOTE, the first production of the 2012-2013 season at Factory Theatre, I find that the time has come for me to express my views on the still unresolved conflict between your board of directors and the artistic community in the wake of the dismissal of your artistic director, Ken Gass.
    It is also time for me to take action.
    I must admit that in the thirty years of my career, in Québec, across Canada and around the world, I have never found myself in a situation like this. Your board’s decisions and the onslaught of reactions, the anger and insults, they provoked in the community have led to a very sad state of affairs, unlike any I have encountered in my work.
    Since I am not immersed in the Toronto cultural community, I find it hard to understand why, after more than two months, no mediation has taken place between the parties concerned. Why has the board over which you preside remained impervious and intransigent in the face of this unparalleled storm of controversy?
    In the first wave of reactions, a petition was drawn up and signed by thousands of concerned members of the artistic community and the general public coast to coast. I signed this petition in the hope that an agreement could be reached that would put an end to this crisis and not only save the 2012-2013 season, but ensure the future of the theatre.
    I signed this petition and attached a personal statement in French specifying at the time, that, unlike George Walker, I had not decided to withdraw TOM AND THE COYOTE from the upcoming season, because above and beyond the views of the opposing parties in the conflict, the very survival of Factory Theatre was at stake.

    It is important to remember that Factory Theatre is a venerable institution built by its artistic directors and their teams, and by its boards of directors, of course, but first and foremost, by HUNDREDS OF AUTHORS, ARTISTS AND PRODUCTION TEAMS. Several Québécois playwrights have had the good fortune to see their work presented in English in this theatre that is a flagship in the field of contemporary Canadian drama.
    I do believe that our theatre companies belong to the theatre community which, through its efforts despite the often inadequate and precarious conditions, has consecrated these centres of contemporary work. And we are all indebted to this community.
    Two months later, nothing has changed. The situation remains as tense as ever. Now the community to which you have turned a deaf ear is inviting theatre artists, the media and most of all, the public to boycott all activities and productions this season at Factory Theatre. An impressive number of this country’s most illustrious artists have joined this movement.
    I must say that the fact that no one from the board has attempted to contact me personally has made matters worse as I try to make sense of this sad state of affairs. No one has tried to explain the board’s position , no one has inquired about my point of view. I must remind you that I am the author of the first play scheduled in the upcoming season.
    At this point, how can you believe that Eda Holmes, the director of TOM AND THE COYOTE, can possibly direct the play under these circumstances and in the light of the threatened boycott? The entire cast and crew who originally expressed their solidarity with the decision to remain part of the season are now beginning to express serious concerns. With no artistic direction, in a hostile environment and facing the danger of an empty house, it has become impossible for us to imagine that the English premiere of the play can be produced in a serene, inspiring and professional atmosphere.

    This situation, due to the board’s inaction, is harmful to my work. That is why, if no attempt at mediation is undertaken within the next week, in the best interests of my play and those of my translate and the members of the production team whose individual reputations are at stake, I now find myself forced to consider withdrawing TOM AND THE COYOTE from the 2012-1013 season at Factory Theatre.
    I have authorized my agent, Nathalie Goodwin from l'Agence Goodwin et associés, to settle all the contractual issues in the weeks to come.
    Sincerely yours,
    Michel Marc Bouchard, O.C., C.Q.

    letter 2

    Montreal, August 22, 2012
    To Eda Holmes and Linda Gaboriau,
    To actors, Catherine Horne, Jeff Lillico, Gordon Rand and Brenda Robbins,
    To all the production team of TOM AND THE COYOTE

    To Mr. Ron Struys, president of the board of The Factory Theatre

    To Mr. Ken Gass,

    On August 8, after informing the production team of my play TOM AND THE COYOTE, I sent a letter to the president of the board of directors of Factory Theatre, stating my intention to withdraw my play from the 2012-2013 season if no attempt at mediation between the board and the dismissed artistic director Ken Gass was undertaken in the following days. Not wishing to exacerbate the conflict and in the hope that mediation was possible, I did not make this letter public.
    In response to my ultimatum, a delegation composed of members of the board and members of the staff at Factory Theatre came to meet with me and my agent in Montreal. The meeting was calm and productive. Furthermore, prior to this meeting, I had received confidential information that Ken Gass was also preparing a proposal that could help lower the tension surrounding the conflict. As a result, I extended the deadline for my ultimatum.
    Now, almost two weeks later, after a first meeting between the parties was held in Toronto, and after speaking to both parties myself, I have come to the conclusion that little progress has been made and the protagonists’ positions seem unchanged. After much consultation and several sleepless nights, I have come to the conclusion that the situation has not evolved. I have, therefore, no choice but to withdraw my play scheduled to open the upcoming Factory season.
    I cannot ask my production team to face the threat of an unheard boycott in which artists will be boycotting other artists. We cannot hope to prepare the production in a serene, inspiring and professional atmosphere while feeling that our work is illegitimate in the eyes of our colleagues and knowing that we might be performing to empty houses in a hostile environment.
    This is the saddest and most difficult decision I have been forced to make in the thirty years of my career. I am aware of the impact of this decision on my production team. Ten people have just lost a job. I am also aware of the impact of this decision on the staff at Factory Theatre and on the theatre’s subscribers and audiences. I do hope that mediation is still possible and that the rest of the upcoming season will take place and not add to the collateral damage this battle of egos has entailed. Most of all, I hope that Factory Theatre will survive this devastating conflict.
    Michel Marc Bouchard

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