LELIES, d'après la pièce Les Feluettes.
A l'écran TIMO DESCAMPS (Jeune Simon-Young Simon) MATTHEW MICHEL (Vallier), SEBASTIEN DE SMET (Timothée Doucet) et/and PETER JANSSENS (le Vieux Simon- Old Simon)

Livret en flamand de Allard Blom
Musique de Sam Verhoeven
Mise en scène de Martin Michel
créé au Fakkel Teatre de Anvers, Belgique
Judas TheatreProducties

english translation of this scene by Michael Diederich

SIMON: Ouch! God damn it! Be careful.

VALLIER lifts SIMON’s shirt up a bit and reacts in shock when he sees the wounds.

VALLIER: Jesus! How..?

SIMON: Your mother couldn’t keep her big mouth shut.

VALLIER: You mean, Timothee..?

SIMON: Yes. My father did this because your mother found it necessary to tell him that I kissed Jean. Apparently, that’s not the only thing she told my father.

VALLIER is silent.

Well? Have you nothing to say? Just like this afternoon?


SIMON: You could have helped me, Vallier. You could have said something. Anything! Anything to convince my father that your mother was making it all up. And he would have bought it, too. Your mother has been lying her whole life.

VALLIER: Look, there’s no reason to—

SIMON: Well it’s true, isn’t it? You must know what everyone in town thinks of her? How they laugh at her? You live in a shed but your mother calls it an estate. She actually believes that she still owns all the land around it. And the way she calls the lake the ‘Mediterranean’? Would it really have been so hard for you to come to my rescue?

VALLIER: What did you do?

SIMON: I hid in the attic, but after a while he found me. He grabbed me and began dragging me home.

TIMOTHEE enters and grabs SIMON by the arm.

TIMOTHEE: Come with me!

SIMON: Dad! You’re hurting me!

SIMON 1952: Back at the house he opened the closet and started throwing all my mother’s old dresses at me. Apparently they had been in there since the day she died.

TIMOTHEE throws the dresses at SIMON.

TIMOTHEE: Do you want to wear these? Do you? Is this how you want to be seen?

TIMOTHEE begins beating SIMON. SIMON collapses. TIMOTHEE removes his belt...

How many arrows did that saint of yours have to endure? Twenty-two, right?

TIMOTHEE begins whipping SIMON on the back with his belt...


SIMON 1952: No…!


SIMON stares at a flame, almost retreating into himself.

SIMON: There was nothing but the fire.

SIMON 1952: Nothing but the flame.


SIMON 1952:
I watch it dance.
I watch it sparkle.
I watch it skip and jump and pirouette and play.
But looks deceive...
For deep inside it
Is a destructive force that never goes away.
Like it was gentle,
Like it was loving,
Like it was free.
Like it was in my eyes and
Dancing just for me.

TIMOTHEE exits. SIMON, bleeding on the ground, begins to crawl towards the candle.

But should the fire spread...
The flames won’t be diminished.
And just like that it’s finished.
All the pain you’ve ever felt gone in a flash.
Until nothing else remains except for ash...

SIMON blows out the candle, stands up, and returns to his scene with VALLIER.

LELIES, d'après la pièce  Les Feluettes.
A l'écran ...
LELIES, d'après la pièce  Les Feluettes.
A l'écran ...
LELIES, d'après la pièce  Les Feluettes.
A l'écran TIMO ...